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Why We Rescue From Puppy Mills
A Puppy Mill is a commercial breeder who breeds dogs solely for profit.  They are distinguished by their cramped, crude, filthy conditions and constant breeding.  At times, as a result of the constant breeding, sometimes these dogs are unhealthy and genetically defective.  Female dogs are bred from the first time they go into heat and are bred every cycle.    They become so worn down that their puppies are often born dead because they have not been able to provide the unborn puppy with the nutrition needed. 

The dogs do not have human contact other than when they receive their food and occasionally when their cages are cleaned.  Cages are usually stacked on top of each other and as a result the urine and feces drip onto the dogs below.

Often times a mill will sell some of their dogs to other mills and/or breeders at auction.  Only breeders and mills are invited to attend these auctions.  When these auctions occur representatives of our organization have been able to pose as breeders to purchase and free the Pugs from the continued torture and torment of living in a mill. 

Our View
There are two schools of thought to this, either allow them to be sold to other mills and breeders or rescue them.  Our organization believes that it is more important to free these babies than to be concerned with the profit issue of the mills.  Allowing them to be sold from one mill to another supports the profit motives of the mills, and the dogs continue to suffer.  Rescuing them and providing clean loving homes does support the profit motives of the mills.  If we do not rescue these Pugs, they will be sold to another mill, and they will continue to live in cramped, crude and filthy conditions and continue to be subjected to the torment and torture.  Either way the mill profits.  Our way the Pugs no longer suffer and are loved forever.