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the decision to get a pet should always be a family decision, not just one made by the kids or mom and dad.  Everyone is going to play a part in raising and caring for this new family member.  Like a child, a pet is a lifetime commitment that must be cared for during its entire life.  Changes in the Pugs health, your living circumstances or family situations do not make your Pug a disposable possession.  Please consider this before making the decision to adopt.

We recommend you not wait until you see a Pug that you would like to adopt before you begin the adoption process.  When a Pug enters the program, approved applicants are notified about the Pug.  At that time, an approved applicant can attend an event and indicate they want to commit to adopting that Pug.  When that committment is made the Pug then is considered to have an adoption pending a home visit.  In those cases, if you now begin the adoption process it will already be to late.

The Pugs pictured on this page are all available for adoption.  The page is updated as soon as a Pug enters the program or as soon as a commitment to adopt a Pug is made.  Pugs that have a pending adoption (adoption awaiting a home visit to be completed where the Adoption Application and Veterinary records have already been approved) remain on this page with the notation on that Pug's web page that the adoption process has closed until the home visit and adoption are completed at which time the Pug is transferred to the Successful Adoptions page.

We do not have a physical location for you to visit.  All of the Pugs are housed in private foster homes.  If you wish to meet any of the Pugs, we conduct events where some of the Pugs are available to interact with.  The availability of the Pugs at an event is dependent upon the availability of each foster home.  3 - 5 days prior to an event, on each Pug's web page it is noted if the Pug will be at the event.  You may request to meet a particular Pug at an event by clicking on the line "Request to meet" near the bottom of each Pug's web page.  We do our best to accomodate these requests but again everyone is a volunteer and at times previious committments do not allow for every request to be met.   Our Foster homes are private residences and are not open to the public to visit the Pugs.

Please visit the Sponsor a Pug page to see the Pugs that are in the rescue but due to Health or Behavioral issues remain under the care of the rescue for all of their medical and ongoing care.

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