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Surrendering A Pug

 Surrendering your Companion

Do you know of a homeless Pug, or if you must relinquish your Pug for whatever reason, please contact Michigan Pug Rescue, "Pug Luv".  There is no fee to place your Pug into our rescue, donations are always welcome.  Veterinary records are needed in order to provide them to the "Pug Luv" veterinarian to insure the Pug is does not receive care that is not necessary and is brought up to date on all needed vaccines, testing and care.  We ask that adetailed biography of the Pug be written that includes but is not limited to when, how much and what the Pug is fed, if it is good with children, other dogs and/or cats.  Is it crate trained, where does it sleep, is it potty trained and anything in addition that will make the transition of that Pug easier for the Pug.

We do not make any judgements about anyone that needs to relinquish their Pug.  We only ask that we are provided with as much information about the Pug as possible with regard to the behavior and medical needs of the Pug.

Your Pug will be placed in a loving foster home until a suitable forever home is located.  All foster homes must meet the same requirements that an adopter meets.

We make every effort to find a forever home as quickly as possible  while making every effort to make certain that the home the Pug will be placed in has fulfilled all of our requirements for adoption (see the "Adopt" section for more information on adopting). 

The organization participates in Meet and Greets twice a month.  This gives people the opportunity to meet and interact with the Pugs that are available for adoption. 

We have a no euthanasia policy.  Euthanasia is only a last resort when it has been determined by the Veterinary staff that the quality of life of a Pug does not exist and to allow the Pug to linger is to make the Pug suffer. 

To make arrangements to release your Pug to "Pug Luv", please contact us at 248.473.8389.

Our rescue does not accept Pug mixes or Pugs that have bitten anyone.. 


If you are frustrated with behavior of your Pug and are looking for assistance contact the people below to see if they can help.

MHS Help Line

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