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Did you adopt your Pug from Pug Luv?  Why not have your story and a photo on this page.  Send the story and a recent photo to us so you can brag about your Pug.

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Its been two months since I was lucky enough to bring Ziggy, now Digham home..What a great little guy!! He is such a smart boy—we enjoy going for walks, play time, eating (of course), daily car rides, visiting Diggy’s pals at the local pet store and showing off all of his talents! He is so sweet, Dig loves everyone and everyone loves Dig. I have certainly taught him, and brought him along but I have definitely learned from Digham as well!! I’m sure we have a lot of adventures in front of us, and Digham, I’m glad they will be with you!!


We rescued Otis in 2009 when he was nine months old, he will be turning 13 YEARS old this May! Besides going a little grey and some diminishing eyesight, he is in great condition and has never had any health problems. Over the years he has road tripped to Niagara Falls in Canada, Atlanta, New Orleans, Key West (where he chased chickens), and several visits to the Upper Peninsula. He has enjoyed being an only dog and is extra happy to have me on furlough this year! He has brought so much happiness to me and my husband Kris over these past years, we are so grateful to MPR for trusting us with his care. Here he is, doing what he does best: being cute and cozy! Thanks to all the volunteers who made our family complete!


We hope all is well with you and the pugs! Mr. Magoo is around 13 and still going strong. Now that he's been a part of the family for over 2 years, he's really adjusted well to living in CO. He's like a new dog compared to the day we rescued him! I'm sure his age has something to do with his it, but he really just likes to lay in blankets all day long on his dog bed. Unless it's time to eat...then he comes running like a puppy. Heather & I mostly work from home, so I'm sure he really enjoys the fact that we're around most of the day. I've included a photo that we just took over Thanksgiving when it was pretty cold out (he's wearing a faux fur coat to keep warm because he's very spoiled!). Heather, Scot and Mr. Magoo


We just wanted to let you know that Mario is doing great and we absolutely adore him. He is such a fun and energetic boy who loves to play with his brother, patrol the yard, and go for runs/walks. He is the perfect addition to our family and we cant imagine our lives before him. Thanks so much for bringing us together! Tate, Erik & Hamilton


Here is a picture of Taz and Spice riding in their all their private vehicle. How fun!

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