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Hello! I am writing to give an update on Dozier who I renamed, Dante! Dante immediately adjusted to his new home and name change and is doing very well. He is loved by everyone who has had the pleasure to meet him so far. He is especially loved by my 91-year-old grandfather. We make visits multiple times throughout the week and they adore each other. Dante tags along with me almost everywhere that I go. We celebrated his 8th Birthday with friends and their dogs this week. He was showered with love, lots of attention, gifts, and treats. Adopting Dante has been one of the best decisions I have made and I am so happy and fortunate to have him. Thank you MI Pug Rescue!


I wanted to let you know that Bubba had a good first week. He is learning his way around and snuggling in with Mike. Here are some updates. Everything is A okay! He likes to watch TV with Mike but sometimes he gets tired For the Memorial Day weekend, we are up at our cottage on the lake, outside of Clare, MI. Tonight we enjoyed a family pontoon ride.


He’s adjusted to his daily routine and has not been barking at night/in the morning since we gave him full range of the apartment at night. We leave his crate door open and he is almost always snoozing comfortably in there when Dana gets up in the morning to let him out. He gets along great with other dogs and charms everyone he meets. We have gotten countless offers to take care of him if we ever need it, haha. Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know we have continued to enjoy his company and couldn’t be happier with our adoption. Here are a few recent pictures... Kyle and Dana


Just wanted to update on how Carson is doing with us. Sorry it took so long for me to write this, we've been busy settling in! Carson has adjusted so well to our little family. He's the perfect match for us. He loves having a new section of yard to explore every day! It's so big for him that he's only walked the entire area maybe twice! He really has brought us so much joy. He's getting better for his nail trims and warming up to the idea of having his face wiped daily. He is an amazing dog. We love taking him on walks at the park and watching him have his zoomies around the house. It's safe to say he's comfortable here. We can find him curled up any given moment sound asleep. The cat isn't too impressed with him, but we think secretly he loves him. Thank you all so much for helping us to make this possible. We love Carson!


We just wanted to let you know that things are going very well with the dog we have renamed Benny (formerly Benson). He is a sweet little lapdog and very smart too. He has already figured out how to get out of his crate and has done so twice :). He learns how to do things very quickly and knows many more basic commands than I was expecting. Julia Binelli

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