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Who We Are

Michigan Pug Rescue, "Pug Luv" was formed in April, 2000 and is composed of all volunteers.  We are a nonprofit  501C 3 corporation registered in the State of Michigan. We do not have a physical location for you to visit.  All of the Pugs are housed in private foster homes.  If you wish to meet any of the Pugs, we conduct events where some of the Pugs are available to interact with.  The availability of the Pugs at an event is dependent upon the availability of each foster home.  3 - 5 days prior to an event, on each Pug's web page it is noted if the Pug will be at the event.  You may request to meet a particular Pug at an event by clicking on the line "Request to meet" near the bottom of each Pug's web page.  We do our best to accomodate these requests but again everyone is a volunteer and at times previous committments do not allow for every request to be met.  Our Foster homes are private residences and are not open to the public to visit the Pugs.
None of our volunteers receive compensation for their efforts. Everyone within our organization donates their time because they love Pugs and believe every Pug deserves a loving, safe and happy home.  The sole purpose of the organization is to accept Pugs into the program that are in need of finding a home, provide any and all needed Veterinary care, provide temporary housing in foster homes and place the Pugs into a forever home that will love and care for the Pug.   The organization has no affiliation with any breeders. 

What is a rescued Pug?

A rescued Pug is one which has been relinquished by its owner for a variety of reasons, divorce, allergies, financial situations or relocation of the family where the Pug cannot be taken along.

A Pug that was released to a shelter or picked up as a stray, a Pug who was removed from a home because it was being abused or neglected. 

Often a Pug is sold by a pet store that is only interested in gaining a sale.  The new family, without regard to the cost and/or responsibility of maintaining the Pug, buys the Pug on a whim.  It was not discussed with the new owner about the time and patience required for housebreaking, or the need to have a male Pug neutered to help prevent "marking" once the Pug reached puberty.  

A Pug who has been saved from the torment and torture of a Puppy Mill by representatives of the rescue attending a puppy mill auction and purchasing the Pug at the auction.  


Our organization's goals and objectives.

It is our goal to provide every Pug with a loving, safe and happy home.  Every Pug should be in an environment where they are loved and safe.

Our rescue is foster home based and most of our volunteers have at least one Pug of their own.  They have vast knowledge of the Pug breed. Veterinary costs far exceed adoption fees collected each year.   MPR is supported by donations, and other fundraising events such as the annual Picnic and Reunion held in September, and Charity Poker at DOCS Sports Retreat in Livonia. 

All pugs are examined by our Veterinarian and treated for any health issues that may be present, immunized against Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, microchipped, spay/neutered, blood, Heartworm and Fecal tested in addition to any other medical needs the Pug may have.  After observing the Pug to determine what type of home best suits the Pug's personality, it will be placed in a home where the love and care of the Pug is a priority. We will take in any Pug whose health will allow it to live in an environment that provides an acceptable quality of life.  Any Pug that is not adoptable due to health issues will be permanently placed in a loving foster home to live out their life with dignity and without pain. If it were not for your assistance, we would not be able to accomplish our goals. 

 Why we rescue from puppy mills

A puppy mill is a commercial breeder who breeds dogs solely for profit. Their cramped, crude, filthy conditions and constant breeding distinguish them. At times, as a result of the constant breeding, these dogs are unhealthy and genetically defective. Female dogs are bred from the first time they go into heat and are bred every cycle. They become so worn down that their puppies are often born dead because they have not been able to provide the unborn puppy with the nutrition needed. The dogs do not have human contact other than when they receive their food and occasionally when their cages are cleaned. Cages are usually stacked on top of each other and as a result, the urine and feces drip onto the dogs below which can create health issues. Often times a mill will sell some of their dogs to other mills and/or breeders at auction. When these auctions occur, we send representatives in as breeders to purchase and forever free the Pugs from the continued torment and torture of living in a mill.
At times a puppy mill is shut down by local authorities and the Pugs become available for rehabilitation and subsequent homing. 

Donations and fundraising

All income is derived from donations and through fund raising. Donations evolve from various sources. Adoption donations, individuals, groups and/or corporations that contribute their services, supplies and monetary donations.  "Pug Luv" participats in various activities to raise money to cover the Veterinary costs of the organization such as   Charity Poker, Kroger Community Rewards and Amazon.

To foster go to the Adopt/Foster tab on the left of the home page or to volunteer go to the Volunteer tab.  

Monetary donations are tax deductible, go to the Donate tab on the left of the home page or;

Your tax deductible monetary donations may be sent to:

Michigan Pug Rescue, "Pug Luv"
23927 Wesley Dr.
Farmington, MI 48335

Donate Online through PayPal

Rescue Chairpersons:
Larry and Kathy Nathan
{FacebookPage:  Michigan Pug Rescue}

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