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Training & Behavior Resources

Training small dogs:

Little Dogs: Training Your Pint-Sized Companion

The Little Dogs’ Activity Book

See Kikopup’s “how-to” videos here - http://www.youtube.com/user/kikopup

http://thebark.com/content/double-standard Really good! It’s not really size that matter’s, it’s the owner’s etiquette, or lack thereof.

Understanding dog body language:

“The Other End of the Leash” See the attached “Body Language of Fear in Dogs”

When you recognize “Stress Signals” (attached) – there’s never a reason to get bitten.

Body Language of Fear in Dogs (attached)

Trainers & Trainer Listings




Maggie Ouillette, CPDT 734-834-1952


The Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers www.ccpdt.org

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers www.apdt.com See “How to Choose a Dog Trainer

The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior www.avsabonline.org

Why to be wary of “whisperers” - http://drsophiayin.com/blog/entry/experts_say_dominance-based_dog_training_techniques_made_popular_by_televis

Behavior Help

The Michigan Humane Society offers a free behavior help line…

 online at http://www.michiganhumane.org/site/PageNavigator/behavior_helpLine

MHS Help Line

ASPCA’s Virtual Pet Behaviorist http://www.aspca.org/Pet-care/virtual-pet-behaviorist

Denver Dumb Friends League http://www.ddfl.org/education/dog-behavior-tips

www.dogstardaily.com The BEST trainers on the planet, discussing every imaginable topic, can be found here!

No More Fat Pugs! Safe Weight Loss

It’s important to work with your vet to monitor your dog’s weight, to make sure he’s not over or underweight for his breed/age/size. Overweight dogs are an epidemic (ESPECIALLY pugs!) so make sure to account leave room for treats used for training – or better yet, use the kibble!  For more great info on food and feeding, see the following:




See “Counting Calories” in the SEPT attachment and the article about choosing the right food for your dog below. (All from www.whole-dog-journal.com )

Other cool stuff:





www.kathysdao.com See her article “How to Get a Handle on Your Training” about dogs that have a hard time with vet visits or grooming.

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Poisonous Flowers and Plants for Pets

Pet-Proofing - Keeping Your Home & Yard Safe For Dogs or Cats

10 Most Common Ways DogsAre Accidentally Poisoned

Pet Safety: Leaving Your Dog or Cat Home Alone

Human Foods and Drinks that are Poisonous or Unhealthy for Dogs and Cats

Dog Walking Safety Tips

50 Dangerous Garden Plants for Dogs

6 Easy DIY Pet-Friendly Cleaning Products

Pet Loss
Pet Loss Support Group
Grief and Drama Recovery Center


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