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Michigan Winter Dog Classic
January 2020
Winter Dog Classic 2020-1Winter Dog Classic 2020-3Winter Dog Classic 2020-2

Michigan Pug Rescue & Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea Canton Fundraising Event
Canton, MI.
June 9th 2018

SW 2018 (2)

SW 2018 (1)


Michigan Pug Rescue & Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea Canton Fundraising Event
Canton, MI.
June 10, 2017

SW Event 1SW Event 2

SW Event 3SW Event 4


 Carson's Santa Fest 2016
Howell, MI.

Santa fest 2016-4

Santa fest 2016-9

Santa fest 2016santa fest 2016-1Santa fest 2016-10Santa fest 2016-11Santa fest 2016-12Santa fest 2016-13Santa Fest 2016-2Santa Fest 2016-3Santa fest 2016-6Santa fest 2016-8Santa fest 2016.9Santa fest 2016-7Santa fest 2016-14

PetSmart Meet n Greet Event

Northville, MI. 
April 9, 2016

petsmart 4-19-16petsmart 4-9-16-1petsmart 4-9-16-2petsmart 4-9-16-3petsmart 4-9-16-4petsmart 4-9-16-5petsmart 4-9-16-7petsmart 4-9-16-8petsmart 4-9-16-9petsmart 4-9-16-11

Pug Therapy, sponsored by Phi Thetta Kappa Honor Society of Schoolcraft College

Therapy 10

TherapyTherapy 1Therapy 2Therapy 3Therapy 4Therapy 5Therapy 6Therapy 7Therapy 8Therapy 9

Soul Bowl

Soul 1Soul 2Soul 3

Carson's Fashion Show, 2016

Fashion 1Fashion 2Fashion 3Fashion 4Fashion 5Fashion 6Fashion 7Fashion 7Fashion 8Fashion 9Fashion 10Fashion 11

2016 Carson's Community Days

CD 2016CD 2016CD 2016-1CD 2016-10CD2016-3CD 2016-4CD 2016-6CD 2016-7CD 2016-8CD 2016-9


Michigan Winter Dog Classic
as published on freep.com January 2016

Dog Classic 2
Dog Classic 1
Dog Classic

Carson's Community Day Event

Community Day


2015 Santa Fest
Carson's Department Store
Howell, MI

Santa FestSanta Fest 1Santa Fest 10Santa Fest 11Santa Fest 12Santa Fest 13Santa Fest 14Santa Fest 15Santa Fest 2Santa Fest 4Santa Fest 5Santa Fest 6Santa Fest 7Santa Fest 8Santa Fest 9Sasnta Fest 3Santa Fest 18Santa Fest 31


2015 16th Annual Picnic and Reunion

September 13, 2015


Bark for Life
August 22, 2015

Bark 1Bark 2Bark 3Bark 4Bark 5Bark 6Bark 7
Bark 8Bark 9


Carson's Howell Fashion Show
Fashion Show 8-15-1 Fashion Show 8-15-2 Fashion Show 8-15-3 Fashion 8-15-4 Fashion Show 8-15-6
All of the Pugs and the kids had a great time at the Howell Carson's Fashion Show.  To see more photos go to the Michigan Pug Rescue facebook page


Spring Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo
          635 animals found their forever homes at the event


Kids Day Event at Carson's Department Store Howell, MI
Saturday, March 28, 2015
Kids 1Kids 2Kids 3Kids 4Kids 5Kids 6Kids 7Kids 8Kids 9Kids 12Kids 13Kids 14Kids 15Kids 16Kids 17Kids 18Kids 19Kids 20Kids 21Kids 22Kids 23Kids 24Kids 25Kids 26Kids 27Kids 28Kids 29Kids 30Kids 31


2014 Michigan Humane Society
Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo
2014 zoo2014 zoo 12014 zoo 22014 zoo 32014 zoo 42014 zoo 52014 zoo 62014 zoo 7

15th Annual Picnic and Reunion

2014 picnic2014 picnic2014 picnic 12014 picnic 22014 picnic 12014 picnic 42014 picnic 52014 picnic 62014 picnic 72014 picnic 92014 picnic 102014 picnic11


2013 Annual "Pug Luv" Picnic & Reunion

2013-2 Picnic

2013 Best Kisser

                  2013 Best Kisser - Cami and Ringo

2013 Best Sit and Stay

2013 Best Trick

2013 Best Sit and Stay Bill & Duchess


2013 Best Trick Patti & Pallas


2013 Curliest Tail                                             
2013 Curliest Tail Charlotte & Monte

2013 Most Wrinkles

2013 Most Wrinkles Stephanie & Annabelle               



2013 Race winner
2013 Race Winner Allson & Benny

Walsh's K9
Jake of Walsh's K9 meeting one of the Pugs

Obstacle course 2Obstacle course
Pugs playing on the Obstacle course


2013 Jaycees 4th of July
7/4/13 parade 4
7/4/13 parade
7/4/13 parade 1
7/4/13 parade 3
7/4/13 5

7/4/13 parade 6

23rd Annual Jaycees 4th of July Parade

Zoo 2013 Spring
Russ with Koda at the Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo
May, 2013
Halloween costume
2012 Halloween costume created by one of the adoptive moms for her daughter.
2012 Metro Day of Play 4
2012 Metro Day of Play 3  2012 Metro Day of Play 2
Jamahl Scott, Kathy Nathan, Michelle Smith, Grace Mellor
at  the
2012 Metro Day of Play
Zoo 2012 - 1
Zoo 2012 - 2
Zoo 2012 - 3
Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo 2012
2012 picnic group picture
2012 Picnic & Reunion group picture
 Charity Poker 7/12
            Charity Poker July, 2012

2012 Pet-A-Palooza

2012 Pet-A-Palooza 1
2012 Pet-A-Palooza
2012 Dog Bowl Danette
2012 Dog Bowl
zoo 5-12-3

zoo 5-12

zoo 5-12-1

2012 Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo May 19th & 20th

2012 DKC Show 1


2012 DKC 2

2012 Detroit Kennel Club Dog Show
Danette & Holly
Danette & Holly 2
Danette and Holly at the Michigan Winter Dog Classic
at the Suburban Collection in Novi
Dana @ Gift wrapping
Dana at Barnes and Noble  West Bloomfield Christmas gift wrapping 2011

Paws & Julie

Hooper & Kathy

Michigan Pug Rescue participated in the World Wide Day of Play at Fountain Walk in Novi on September 24, 2011
Parisian Juv Diabetes
Michigan Pug Rescue "Pug Luv" was invited to participate at the benefit for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation on Sunday, Sept. 18, at Parisian in Laurel Park Place in Livonia. Guests to the StyleLine magazine-sponsored event got a peek at the trends for fall, met and shopped with Victor Alfaro, who presented Victor by Victor Alfaro, and John Bartlett, a menswear designer who introduced John Bartlett Consensus & Statements collections. Andrea Sanderlin presented Ruff Hewn, and guests also received a 20% off shopping pass for apparel and accessories (15% off cosmetics and fragrances) to use all evening. Proceeds from the event benefitted the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. www.stylelinemag.com

Photos by Jason Loudermilk
2011 group picture
Thank you to everyone who attended the 2011 Annual Picnic and reunion.  Congratulations to those Pugs and their families that were winners of the games;
2011 picnic race
Tallest, Dennis with Romeo
Most playful, Atalie with Herald
Best Kisser, Jackie with Ozzie
Pug Race, Janine with Gibson
Best Tail Curl, Jennifer with Pork Chop
Laziest (most relaxed), Rachel with Macy
Fattest Neck, Andy with Helene
Shortest Nose, Rich with Bella
Most Excitable, Laurie with Romeo
Blackest Face (Fawns Only),  Jen with Oscar
Skinniest (Blacks only), Jason with Tequila
Nosiest, Marilyn with Yoda
Best Behavior,
Liz and her pug Gaknar
Our Pugs have fun at events too 6-11-11 Celebrity Pets
Parisian 3/26/11Parisian 3/26-11-1                            Parisian 3/26/11-3
Parisian Meet and Greet 3/26/11
Ralph met Max and Erma, the Singing Princess' and Suzy Brown, Manager of Parisian is pictured with Miss Scuito.


Timmy & Lassie

January 23, 2011

The original Timmy from the Lassie show as well as the 9th generartion of the original Lassie with Kathy of "Pug Luv" and Miss Scuito at the Michigan Pug Rescue booth at the Livonia/Oakland County AKC Dog Show


Willie 10-16-10

October 16, 2010 Lyon Oaks Park

The information below was extracted from a blog article. To read the post, please refer to http://rugpisser.com/events

Although it may look like it, this is not a pirate costume. This extremely sweet, one-eyed Pug is actually available for adoption through the Michigan Pug Rescue (www.michiganpugrescue.com). This very devoted organization, attends numerous events throughout the year, and the Howl-o-ween was no exception. The friendly little guy really seems to enjoy attention and human companionship. I had a chance to get to know this adorable dog (with the softest coat possible), and I’m certain that his precious face will make some lucky person or family very happy for many years to come! To fill out an adoption application, please visit the rescue’s website.                                    

PSP 10-2-10     PSP 10-2-10  

PSP 10-2-10

Renee Vitale of WNIC in the morning with Jay Towers

Pet Supplies Plus Clinton Township Grand Reopening 10/2/10


PSP staff

Best Friend event

Fall In Love With Your New Best Friend September 18, 2010


picnic 2010 1 Picnic 2010

                     Annual Picnic and Reunion 2010

Rally 5-30-10 #2   Rally 5-30-10 #2

Rally 5-30-10 #3  Rally 5-30-10 #4

         Rally Across America/Dog Bowl 2010

                               May, 2010

Big Boy ay 2010    Big Boy

                  Big Boy Fund Raiser forJoJo's

                Veterinary expenses - May, 2010

  Its A Dog's Life 4/25/10  Its A Dog's Life #2 

                     It's A Dog's Life April, 2010

2009 picnic






2009 Picnic and Reunion

2008 picnic






2008 Picnic and Reunion

2007 picnic






2007 Picnic and Reunion

2005 picnic






2006 Picnic and Reunion 

Purebreed Palooza 10/06






Pure Breed Palooza 10/06

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