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About Lucinda

  • Status: Available for Sponsorship
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Black with Gray or Silver
  • Current Age: 7 Years 10 Months (best estimate)
  • Microchipped: Yes
  • Housetrained: Yes
 Update December 1st;  Lucinda saw the Opthalmologist and he has released her for adoption.  She requires eye drops 3 times a day.  She will need to be followed up by the Ophthalmologist in May and likely annually thereafter.  If you have an approved application and would like to meet her, e-mail 3 dates and times you are available
Update May 24th;  Lucinda saw the Ophthalmologist for a second opinion today. He said it may take another 3 months for the eye to properly heal. She is to continue with eye drops and be rechecked in 3 months.

Update April 19th;  Lucinda saw her Ophthalmologist today.  The graft is still adhered to the top side of the eye.  The top portion of the graft was trimmed and removed under sedation to improve her field of vision.  She will continue her Tacrolimus and Optixcare for ever and was placed on Tobramycin drops for a week in addition to wearing her cone again.  As long as she recovers well from this procedure she will be made available for adoption.

Update April 2nd;  Lucinda saw her Orthopedic Surgeon today and he said she is wright on tract for 9 1/2 weeks He said it generally takes 4 months to completely heal. If she is cleared by the Ophthalmologist this month she can be adopted. She sees the Ophthalmologist on April 19th and we are hopeful she will get the all clear. We know she will be on Tacrolimus ye drops for the rest of her life.

Update March 2nd; Lucinda's eye is looking better. She saw the doctor on Monday and she no longer needs the cone for her eyes when she can be observed to be sure she does not rub her eyes. She can now go outside and have limited exercise but must still be restricted not to overdo it. She will see the Ophthalmologist again on April 19th. She has been taken of the Tobramycin drops and put on Tacrolimus every 12 hours and will remain on the Optixcare every 8 hours for the remainder of her life.  She may be available in May

Update February 18th;  Lucinda saw her surgeon today to examine her knee.  He believes she is doing well but not as well as she should be after 4 weeks.  He has placed her on an anti inflammatory and would like her to continue with significant rest.

Up Date: February 8th:  Lucinda saw her Ophthalmologist today.  The eye is healing as it should.  The stitch holding the eyelid partially closed was removed and she will be seen again on March 1st.  She is to continue with the drops 4 times a day as well as the Optixcare.

Update February 4;  Lucinda had her 2 week checkup with the surgeon for her knee.  Her stitches were removed and the surgeon was happy with her progress.  On March 11th we will have a telephone consult to provide the surgeon with her progress.  She must continue with restrictions until then.  After that time she will be permitted to go into the backyard without a leash and gradually introduce additional exercise from that point forward.

Update January 23rd;  Lucinda had her surgical procedure on her floating patella done on Monday.  She did well with the surgery and will need about 6 weeks of healing time. She stayed at the surgeon's office until Thursday.  For now there is no jumping, running, stairs or rough housing.  After her recovery she should be as good as new.  Unfortunately something went wrong during her recovery period and she developed a severe ulcer in one eye and one that is less severe in the other.  She was sent home with medications and we contacted our Ophthalmologist to have a consultation on Monday.  On Friday her regular Veterinarian saw her and consulted with the surgeon about the appearance and he said he believed the eye had gotten worse and thought she needed to be seen by an Ophthalmologist immediately.  Our Veterinarian checked with several facilities to determine a facility where an Ophthalmologist could see her.  She was taken to the MSU Veterinary facility to be seen.  The Ophthalmologist was called in and after examining her we were given three options.  #1, treat the eyes with medications and see if the condition improved over night with the possibility that the one eye could worsen and she would lose the eye.  #2, remove the eye and treat the other eye with medications.  #3, treat both eyes over night with medications and do a surgical procedure to save the eye that was the worst and treat the other eye with medications.  The surgery would result in the eye remaining but, she would have limited vision out of the surgically repaired eye.  Option 3 was chosen and she had her surgery Saturday morning at 9 am.  The result of the surgical procedure was better than expected and she will not lose as much vision as was originally expected. The eyelid has one stitch in it to help with the healing and there is a pink cast over the entire eye while healing.  In a week the stitch in the eyelid will be removed.  She will then be seen again in 5 weeks to have the eye checked.  She has the same restriction as with the patella surgery and will be wearing the Cone of Shame for the next 6 weeks.  She will be picked up on Sunday morning at 9 am and will remain with the foster family until released by the Ophthalmologist, Surgeon and Primary Care Veterinarian.  At that time she will be made available for adoption.

Update:  January 2nd: Lucinda is scheduled to have her surgery on January 18th.  She will be hospitalized for 2 to 3 days.  When she comes home she is to be restricted as far as no running, climbing stairs or rough housing.  When taken out to potty she must be on a leash.  This will be for 6 weeks after her surgery.

Update December 17th:  Lucinda saw the Orthopedic Surgeon today to have her knees examined.  Her left hind leg as a Luxating Patella grade 2.  It is the surgeon's opinion that she could be adopted without the surgery but that it could quickly develop into a surgical need.  He recommended she have the surgery before being adopted so that the future adopter does not look at a significant surgical bill shortly after her adoption.  We agree with him and she will have the surgery in early January, 2021.  The cost of the surgery will be approximately $2,600.  If you can spare any amount no matter how small to assist in the cost of this surgery it will be greatly appreciated.  All donations are tax deductible.  Please mail your donation to 23927 Wesley Dr.  Farmington, MI  48335 or make your donation through PayPal on our web site on the left of the home screen.

Update December 8th;  Lucinda saw her primary Veterinarian about her left rear leg.  X-Rays were taken of her leg, hip and back.  She is to be seen by the Orthopedic doctor for a consultation to determine if she needs surgery for a luxating Patella.  She is scheduled to be seen on December 17th. 

Update December 1st:  Lucinda and the other Pugs have been exposed to Ear mites.  As a result they must have 2 treatments 30 days apart.  This will result in the adoption process being pushed back 30 days.  We will be unable to conduct any interviews during this period.

Update:  November 20th,  Lucinda was spayed and had her teeth cleaned.  She is to receive her second dose of Panacur for her Whipworms in two weeks.  She is to return to the vet for her second Lepto in 2 weeks

Lucinda and five others came to "Pug Luv" from a lady who because of health issues was no longer able to care for him.  She is 4.25 years old. She was brought up to date on vaccines, heartworm testing, and will have a dental cleaning and be spayed. She gets along with other dogs, cats unknown.  She is very friendly but timid until she gets to know you. She seems uncomfortable with little children.

If you are interested in adopting Lucinda or any of the other Pugs currently with "Pug Luv" go to michiganpugrescue.com click on the Adopt/Foster tab on the left of the home page and read all of the information on the page and most questions you have will be answered.  You can also download the Adoption Application from that page after which, print it, complete it and mail it in to begin the adoption procedure.  Approved applications are held for 6 months and are good for any Pug in the organization.

Calls or e-mails asking about her availability, the adoption process or application status will not be returned.  All information about each Pug is posted of their individual page. The application must have every question answered.  All applications received are replied to in writing generally within 3 days and sent by USPS

If you are unable to adopt, consider making a donation to the rescue to assist with Lucinda's and other Pugs Veterinary Expenses.

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Good with Dogs, Is Not Good with Kids

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