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Rainbow Bridge

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You came to us to help you. You made your self at home as you walked in the door. You cooperated with all of the insulin injections and blood sugar tests without ever flinching and days of testing, poking and prodding at the various Veterinarians. We did our best and were able to restore your sight so you could chase the squirrels and rabbits around the yard. We were able to spend almost 3 years with you. So many people loved you at Meet and Greets, the Livonia and Oakland Kennel Club Dog Shows in Novi, the ER facility, the Ophthalmologist,your Primary Care Doctor and the Internal Medicine facility, where you were so spoiled sometimes we thought you would prefer to live there. We tried our best to fix anything that was wrong with you but in the end we made the most difficult decision to allow you to cross the bridge. You will now be able to run free of pain and suffering. There are many of our kids waiting for you and we will see you soon. All of LUV!

Maggie (12/26/01-3/27/14) Maggie was my first pug and best friend. She was always by my side through many moves and life changes. Since Maggie’s passing I have gone on to rescue three more pugs. Each have given me great joy, but none will ever fill the void in my heart left there when I lost Maggie. Thank you Kathy and Larry for all your love and kindness helping to save these wonderful dogs. Sincerely, Anne Jeffries Cornwell

> On February 1st, we lost our sweet girl Mini (formerly known as Rainey) to stomach cancer. She was a special girl who always made us laugh with her crazy car barking and endearing quirkiness. We miss you Min Min and will always have you in our hearts. Love, the Young family

In October 2020, our hearts were broken when our beloved Elliott unexpectedly crossed the rainbow bridge. He was the sweetest boy and brought so much joy and laughter to our lives. He had such a gentle and happy personality even in the end. We will always love you Elliott and miss you terribly. Love, the Young family

In August, 2013, my little Augie came to live with me. I had just lost the third Pug of three Pugs I had and my husband had passed away in June, 2013. I was very fortunate that Larry and Cathy had a Pug available. Augie kept me company during a very rough time. Augie was 8 yeas old when I adopted him and he was going on 16 years old when he went to the Rainbow Bridge. He was a healthy Pug and followed me wherever I went. On January 14, 2021 he couldn't keep anything he ate in his little tummy and slept most of the day. On January 15, 2021, he was very lethargic and could not take any of his medication so I took him to the Emergency Vet. They did x-rays and bloodwork and discovered that his liver enzymes were terribly high and he was going into liver failure. I thought about his 16 years of life and the fact that he wasn't hearing well, or seeing well, and all the options the vet discussed with me. Augie came into my life when I needed him and helped me through a rough time after my husband and three Pugs passed away within months of each other. I did not want Augie to suffer like my husband did. He left for the Rainbow Bridge peacefully and is not suffering. I will miss my "little Boo Bear" very much. He was my constant companion.

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