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Rainbow Bridge

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She came to us from Michigan Pug Luv. Fit into our pack like a paw-in-glove. Olive was her name, a lot of dog in a small body. We learned, quick, she liked to be naughty. Two older brothers, she had to learn her place. Right away, let them know SHE was the Alpha, with quiet grace. She was the smallest in size, but that didn’t matter. All of our hearts were automatically a rapid pitter-patter. She balanced us out, we had a full grumble. Quickly became my baking assistant, cleaned up floor crumble. Feisty and sweet, loved to play, but not with toys. Loved classical music and the Beastie Boys. Olive loved food, had an exquisite palate. Always in sweater fashion, hit it fierce like a mallet. So full of life, easy to love. Personality PLUS, high up and above. On walks, so proud her strut, over and over. She craved to sniff, drop and roll in the lawn clover. Made us giggle often, our ribs sometime felt worn. Fun for her was barking at the microwave when heating popcorn. Olive had her quirks and daily rituals. Like bedtime, tucking Rob and I in, with face and neck kisses. She had a large vocabulary and was pretty smart. Her body was small, but large was her love and her heart. She was a daddy’s girl; he gave her many a nickname. Oli O, Tuffy, Pinky, Oli Oli Oxycodone; our girl had game! Olives’ entrance into our hearts, hit as hard as her exit. She and I had our special relationship and I puggin miss it. Olive will hold a piece of us, wherever she is. And her, with every breath we have, life just isn’t, but is. ===Sandee and Rob Rodriguez

Lucy Lou
It's National Dog Day. Well I celebrate my little lady who passed away on Thursday. I know it's only been a few days but I look for you around every corner and listen to hear your nails clicking on the hardwood floors. You were the best dog anyone could have in a home that funneled fosters dogs in and out. You were always happy and easy going in every situation. I loved you my Lucy Lou.

Hazel was one of 15 dogs rescued by MPR from a puppy mill in the fall of 2015. I took her in as a foster along with Pearl. Pearl, age two, came out of the puppy mill loving everyone and with a joyful personality. I adopted her in October 2015. Hazel, at age five, was afraid of everything and wouldn't allow anyone to approach her to pet her or even look at her. Over time, with the help of meet-and-greets, taking walks in pet stores, etc. and lots of love and patience, she started to accept that people and life can be good. I adopted Hazel in April 2016. She progressed so much in trusting others and being happy that in April 2017 she became a therapy dog with Alliance of Therapy Dogs. She regularly visited patients and staff at two hospitals, at a dementia day care program, at two libraries where children read books to her and at special events. Hazel was diagnosed with cancer in April 2017 but still maintained her happy disposition. I'm sorry to say Hazel passed over the Rainbow Bridge on July 20, 2019 when cancer won its battle. She will be missed by many. Thank you, MPR, for rescuing Hazel and the other puppy mill dogs. Hazel brought joy and love into my life and I, Pearl and my other dog, Charlie, will miss her terribly.

Ginger came into our lives in March of 2008 when we rescued her at Pug Rescue of Michigan. She was a year and a half and stole our hearts the minute she looked up at us with her beautiful brown eyes. She has been a wonderful companion and source of joy for Henry and me for 11 years. She had several health issues over the years including diabetes, allergies, glaucoma, which caused her to lose her left eye ,and pneumonia. The diabetes caused her to become blind about 3 years ago. Throughout all of this, she showed us an amazing spirit and a wonderful will to live. She enjoyed cuddling up next to us every waking moment and was so patient when we gave her her daily shots, eye drops and antibiotics. Gradually, we could see that she was failing and on July 11th, 2019, she took her last breath at home after eating an orange, which was her favorite snack. I will always be grateful to her for teaching us about love, life and now, loss. She opened our hearts to a new kind of love that neither one of us experienced before. There is a terrible void in our lives now. It was an honor to be her caretaker and friend. We know that try as she might, she just couldn’t hold onto life any longer and is at peace. Forever in our hearts, Shelley and Henry Pinkney

Hi... Today we made the most difficult of decisions to put Cliff down. We got Cliff from Michigan Pug Rescue back in the summer of 2011. He was estimated to be 6-8 years old at that time. We were incredibly lucky to have him be a part of our family for the next 8 years. He always brought joy to all of us and to those who were around him. As you know, pugs love people. We have never seen a dog enjoy life as he did. We are going to miss him incredibly but will remember all of the happiness he brought us. Thank you for giving us the opportunity 8 years ago to bring Cliff into our lives. Sincerely, Jason, Beth, and Kate Morris Chelsea, MI

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