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2/23/2021 11:00 AM


Donny's Sponsorship Page

Update 1/2021:  .  Donny recently was seen because of blood in his urine.  His tests revealed that he has a tumor and will be treated conservatively for the condition because of his age.   

Update:  Donny recently lashed out at his foster mom for no apparent reason.  He was sitting on the bed and as the foster mom approached he snapped at her.

Update:  Donny had been doing well with his training and corrective actions until his last visit with the Veterinarian.  At that time he decided he was unhappy with the situation he was in and bit his foster mom.  As a result further work must be done with him to assure if he is in a situation he does not like he will not retaliate.

Donny who was estimated to be 7 - 9 years old at the time he entered the rescue in July, 2017.  He came to Pug Luv from a shelter where he was picked up as a stray. He was infested with fleas and as a result had a low blood count when he had his complete blood panel. He had heart worm and fecal testing, Rabies, DHLLP and Bordetella vaccines. As a result of his low blood count the Veterinarian decided to wait a few weeks to neuter him and clean his teeth which has now been completed. He is in a foster home where he gets along well with other dogs, children and is house trained. He is allergic to Fleas and is on Flea and Tick preventative and should be for the remainder of his life.  At times Donny has shown signs of aggressive behavior.  He has been seen by a Behavioral specialist who provided information on corrective actions. 

Donny has bitten his foster mom on several occasions.  She has indicated this is generally a result of him being startled.  An example of this recently was he was laying next to her and she touched him while asleep.  She states that she needs to be more careful and does not want to have him euthanized for his aggressive behavior.  He will remain with her for the remainder of his life.

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