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Hello! I am writing to give an update on Dozier who I renamed, Dante! Dante immediately adjusted to his new home and name change and is doing very well. He is loved by everyone who has had the pleasure to meet him so far. He is especially loved by my 91-year-old grandfather. We make visits multiple times throughout the week and they adore each other. Dante tags along with me almost everywhere that I go. We celebrated his 8th Birthday with friends and their dogs this week. He was showered with love, lots of attention, gifts, and treats. Adopting Dante has been one of the best decisions I have made and I am so happy and fortunate to have him. Thank you MI Pug Rescue!


Hi Sharlene, have these pics on my phone but don't have email hooked up. If you could let Larry and Kathy know how well both Mickey and Deuce are doing! Both met our vet team, they love them too for their well check. Got these yeast wipes for Deuces nose fold and got Rx for his ears and Mickey will go back next week for his heartworm check. They have just fit into our lives like they have always been here, it's so weird. They seem to really enjoy their life here, they love going outside on our property for walks, walks @ @ Oak Openings Metropark nearby too. They have adjusted to their bedtime routine and sleep on their ortho beds w/ us in our room @ night, we all get up @ 4:30-5:00 am every am and are up and rearing to go every am. A couple weeks ago they both got their 1st bath @ PetSmart down here, my volunteer who helps me @ the zoo baths and grooms dogs there and she did a fabulous job w/ them. She said Both did well but that Deuce stood there and wagged his tail the whole time. We are so happy Deuce and Mickey are a part of our family! Your pug friend, Robin !


Yesterday was Duke's one year anniversary coming to live with us. He is doing great! Here he is chillin' on the boat this summer! Also, with his pug brother Joey who we adopted from MPR back in December of 2003! Thought you might like an update. The Havasis 7/26/11

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