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We hope all is well with you and the pugs! Mr. Magoo is around 13 and still going strong. Now that he's been a part of the family for over 2 years, he's really adjusted well to living in CO. He's like a new dog compared to the day we rescued him! I'm sure his age has something to do with his it, but he really just likes to lay in blankets all day long on his dog bed. Unless it's time to eat...then he comes running like a puppy. Heather & I mostly work from home, so I'm sure he really enjoys the fact that we're around most of the day. I've included a photo that we just took over Thanksgiving when it was pretty cold out (he's wearing a faux fur coat to keep warm because he's very spoiled!). Heather, Scot and Mr. Magoo


We just wanted to let you know that Mario is doing great and we absolutely adore him. He is such a fun and energetic boy who loves to play with his brother, patrol the yard, and go for runs/walks. He is the perfect addition to our family and we cant imagine our lives before him. Thanks so much for bringing us together! Tate, Erik & Hamilton


He’s adjusted to his daily routine and has not been barking at night/in the morning since we gave him full range of the apartment at night. We leave his crate door open and he is almost always snoozing comfortably in there when Dana gets up in the morning to let him out. He gets along great with other dogs and charms everyone he meets. We have gotten countless offers to take care of him if we ever need it, haha. Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know we have continued to enjoy his company and couldn’t be happier with our adoption. Here are a few recent pictures... Kyle and Dana


Here is a few picture of our wonderful Minnie enjoying the good life! She has brightened our lives beyond measure!


We just wanted to update you on Nacho. He is sure a busy boy, although he is beginning to calm down. His first birthday is coming up on November 11! He loves to torment Kevin. Unfortunately, they are not best friends. They do play a lot, but Nacho still has too much energy for Kevin. Nacho does clean Kevin's eyes and ears for him just about daily. Nacho shows us his love by giving us long hugs and ear kisses. He plays with toys and chew on bones. He loves vacations at grandma's where he gets to run around the pond and swim, walks 4-miles every morning and probably gets too many treats. Nacho loved Halloween. We get over a 100 trick or treaters and he was by the door to greet all of them. I attached some recent pictures of him in costume and a few others. He was an airplane for Kevin, the pilot. Thank you so much for letting us adopt the little man. Thanks, Nancy & Mike

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