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We rescued Otis in 2009 when he was nine months old, he will be turning 13 YEARS old this May! Besides going a little grey and some diminishing eyesight, he is in great condition and has never had any health problems. Over the years he has road tripped to Niagara Falls in Canada, Atlanta, New Orleans, Key West (where he chased chickens), and several visits to the Upper Peninsula. He has enjoyed being an only dog and is extra happy to have me on furlough this year! He has brought so much happiness to me and my husband Kris over these past years, we are so grateful to MPR for trusting us with his care. Here he is, doing what he does best: being cute and cozy! Thanks to all the volunteers who made our family complete!


Hello, I wanted to let you know that Obie is doing great. He's settling in very nicely with his other "brothers" Cosmo and Cooter. I attached a picture...it's hard to get three pugs to stay still together for any amount of time. We have made an appointment with an ophthalmologist to consult on Obie's cataract to see if he may be a good candidate for lens replacement.


Rob and I adopted Olive from Michigan Pug Rescue when she was surrendered because of a pink spot that used to be on her nose. The previous owners thought she might have an auto-immune deficiency problem. The owners knew they couldn't afford the cost of care for that. She was tested and found healthy. As soon as my husband and I saw her, we scooped her up to be a sister to our 2 male pugs. We are a happy family of 5 plus a cat that they attack all the time. She's our smallest pug,but acts like she's three times her size when it comes to sassing her brothers.

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