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Did you adopt your Pug from Pug Luv?  Why not have your story and a photo on this page.  Send the story and a recent photo to us so you can brag about your Pug.

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Here is a picture of Taz and Spice riding in their all their private vehicle. How fun!


Sally who we adopted in 2011 is now Agnes. She's adorably crazy and drives her brother Murphy crazy with love and snorts.


Sammy was adopted in 2003. His family moved to Colorado where he just celebrated his 14th birthday. He is a big Spartan fan.


As you can see, they have made themselves right at home!!! Enjoying being spoiled for sure. Have a great day!


I adopted Sammi almost one year ago. Working at a hospice, I wanted a special pug who could become a therapy dog. The day I met Sammi at a meet and greet, I knew he was the pug for me. I am so proud of his accomplishments in the past year. He has become an official therapy dog certified by Therapy Dogs International, and volunteers with Hospice of Michigan, Pet-a-Pet club, and more. He also has a fan club of kids and adults in the neighborhood who just adore him. This little guy is the pug I have always dreamed of. Thank you Michigan Pug Rescue for bringing Sammi into my life!

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