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Did you adopt your Pug from Pug Luv?  Why not have your story and a photo on this page.  Send the story and a recent photo to us so you can brag about your Pug.

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Hi Larry & Kathy, We just wanted to send you a note to thank you for helping us find Ben & Blossom! They are the cutest, sweetest dogs that anyone could ever hope to find. We feel so fortunate to have them with us. They are both doing amazingly well and have settled right in. They love taking daily walks, giving snuggles and finding a nice sunny spot to nap in. Our daughter LOVES throwing the ball to play fetch and she runs right along with the dogs pretending to bark. :) They've brought so much joy into our lives. Many thanks for the work that you do! The Kunzers


This is Barkley. We adopted her from you a few weeks ago. What a treat she is!!!!! Enjoying her new yard and her new sister. Peggy Minzghor


Here is a photo of Bella with her award. Bella earned a First Place Award at Obedience School. Bella attended a 6 week basic obedience class with 11 other dogs. The trainer said that Bella is the smartest pug she has trained in over 30 years of classes. Bella is now going to attend Advanced Class beginning on Nov. 5. We are so proud of her!! We thought that we would share this good news with you! Shirley and Karl


This is Cricket. Formerly known as "Bianca". We adopted her in February, 2012 and absolutely adore her! Cricket has one mood: Happy. Happy, happy, happy! All the time! We've discovered that Cricket loves to run and is very athletic! She runs like the wind, leaps in the air in the middle of her runs, smiling the entire time! She and our cat Jonesy are great friends and spend a lot of time wrestling and running through the house. She is such a little cutie and we couldn't love her more. Thank you MPR for our wonderful, happy little girl!


Bosley (formerly Taylor) and I have moved to Texas. Bosley loves the warmer weather here — he's been very happy. Here's a recent picture of him in his outfit for the Rose Bowl.

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