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  Michigan Pug Rescue
Michigan Pug Rescue was co-founded in April, 2000 by Larry and Kathy Nathan.  Although at the time there was another rescue organization for Pugs they believed that a need existed for an organization that did not include breeders and was only interested in relocating Pugs from situations that included:
  • Families that needed to relocate and were unable to take their Pug with them
  • Divorce situations
  • A Home where a member of the family had allergies and the Pug needed to be in a different home
  • Pugs who needed a new home as a result of financial conditions that prevented the family from providing the necessary Veterinary care for the Pug
  • Pugs that were in  shelters and the rescue is able to find the Pug a new home
  • Puppy mill raids which result in Pugs that are confiscated as a result of the raid and need to be placed in foster care until such time as the socialization of the Pug is that which makes it adoptable.
  • Obtain Pugs from Puppy mills through whatever means necessary to provide them with a home that is suitable for a family pet.

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