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The cost of providing medical care for JoJo has exceeded $12,000.  Michigan Pug Rescue believes that when the rescue make a committment to care for a Pug it accepts into the rescue, that Pug becomes part of the Michigan Pug Rescue family.  As a part of our family we will do what ever is necessary to care for the Pug provided the prognosis indicates there will be a quality of life maintained once the treatment is completed. 

A seperate fund has been set up within the rescue organization to care for JoJo.  Please indicate when making your donation that it is for JoJo's medical fund.  michigan Pug Rescue qualifies under the IRS as a 501C3 charitable organization and therefore all donations are tax deductible.  If you are unable to make a donation, please keep JoJo in your prayers.


Jo Jo was returned to MPR when the family who had adopted him was unable to provide the medical care he required in August, 2007.  He is now 7 years old and has been vaccinated for Distemper, Rabies, Corona, Bordetella, Heartworm and Fecal tested.  He also has had his teeth cleaned, is microchipped and underwent surgery to remove Bladder stones.  The stones were sent out for analysis to determine his future treatment.   He is feed a prescription diet available from the Veterinarian's office.  He is wonderful with children and loves to give them a face wash.  He is housebroken, crate trained and relishes his walks and has walked in excess of 2 miles.  He gets along with the other Pugs in the foster home.  He wants to be with you at all times.  He will lie on the floor at your feet.  He loves lots of attention and he loves to play tug-a-war.  He has some food aggressiveness.  He is fed in his crate to avoid any issues.  His urine is periodically tested to be sure there are no reoccurrences of the stones.


Update April 6:  Jo Jo was seen by the MPR vet and his urine was tested and he was X-rayed.  He remains stone free.  His X-ray did reveal an abnormality in his upper spinal area.  At this time there was no need to have any procedures done. 


Update April 23, 2010:  JoJo was rushed to the emergency vet this morning because he was unable to stand or raise his head.  Upon arrival at the emergency room he was examined, blood tests and an ultrasound were done and IVs started.  Consultations with Internal Medicine and the Surgery Department resulted in the conclusion that his Gall Bladder was filled with sludge as well as the outer walls were thickened, his abdomen filled with fluid, his Blood Sugar level and red blood cells were critically low.  The surgeon stated his chance of recovery were less than 50/50.  He received 2 transfusions of red platelets and the IVs contained a Glucose drip to stabilize his blood sugar.  Once he was stabilized he was set up for removal of his Gall Bladder, biopsies of his liver and kidneys were done and he was put into intensive care for recovery.  On April 27th he was discharged from the hospital and placed on a special diet and placed on several prescription medicaions.  His activity was also curtailed.  He was again seen on April 28th to have his Fentanyl patch removed and his blood checked.  The results of the blood work revealed no change in his red cell level but they were still abnormal.  The results of his liver biopsy revealed that he suffers from Cirrhosis of the liver and was seen for another consultation with the Internal Medicine Department on May 6th at which time he was placed on 6 medications and a prescription diet for the Cirrhosis.  His prognosis is he should live a normal life with the medications and prescription diet.


Update May 16, 2010:  Jo Jo was readmitted to the hospital because he was not eating well and was acting listless.  The Emergency Room doctor felt he needed to be observed and some additional tests be run to see if any changes had occurred.  There was some concern that one of the medications he was taking may be causing an adverse reaction.  The doctors advised that at times medication dosages may need to be adjusted.  Further blood tests revealed his Albumin levels were less than favorable and there was swelling in his ankles as a result.  The doctor has decided to begin a regimen of Steriod shoots to try to stabilize his conndition.


The rescue has determined that JoJo will remain in the rescue as a permanent foster to assure all of his medical needs are provided.                  


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