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Did you adopt your Pug from Pug Luv?  Why not have your story and a photo on this page.  Send the story and a recent photo to us so you can brag about your Pug.

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Hello, We just wanted to let you know that our first month with Bette went very well! She settled right into our home and has stolen our hearts. She has proven that she can be smart and a bit mischievous at times, but overall is the best dog we could have asked for! She loves to cuddle and play and is always by our sides. We are so happy to have Bette in our lives and she brightens each day! Thanks Michigan Pug Rescue!


I wanted to let you know that Bubba had a good first week. He is learning his way around and snuggling in with Mike. Here are some updates. Everything is A okay! He likes to watch TV with Mike but sometimes he gets tired For the Memorial Day weekend, we are up at our cottage on the lake, outside of Clare, MI. Tonight we enjoyed a family pontoon ride.


We just wanted to let you know that things are going very well with the dog we have renamed Benny (formerly Benson). He is a sweet little lapdog and very smart too. He has already figured out how to get out of his crate and has done so twice :). He learns how to do things very quickly and knows many more basic commands than I was expecting. Julia Binelli


Bella is adjusting very nicely to life in the city. She’s come to work with me everyday since she arrived. She has her own beanbag chair behind me and enjoys all the attention from visitors who stop by to see her. She has even been friendly and playful, (yes PLAYFUL!) with a couple of the smaller dogs around the office(the bigger ones still spook her). I live a block from Lake Michigan. We walked to the beach nearby this past weekend and I saw Bella run SO FAST, I was actually quite surprised. It was quite a departure from her usual relaxed and sleepy demeanor. I feel we’ve bonded well; she follows me all over the house. The kids were also over this past weekend and enjoyed having her play, especially when she plopped right down in the middle of our board game on the floor. I swear she’s part cat! She also has a habit of coming up to me on the couch, lifting up my shirt with her nose and gleefully licking my belly, tail wagging. She just keeps going unless I stop her. It’s usually after she eats, so I’m guessing she’s trying to get a taste out of her mouth(or I taste like Royal Canin). Anyway, we’re really happy and I think Bella is happy too! I've attached some pics. cheers steven mach


Hi Larry & Kathy, We just wanted to send you a note to thank you for helping us find Ben & Blossom! They are the cutest, sweetest dogs that anyone could ever hope to find. We feel so fortunate to have them with us. They are both doing amazingly well and have settled right in. They love taking daily walks, giving snuggles and finding a nice sunny spot to nap in. Our daughter LOVES throwing the ball to play fetch and she runs right along with the dogs pretending to bark. :) They've brought so much joy into our lives. Many thanks for the work that you do! The Kunzers

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