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Its been two months since I was lucky enough to bring Ziggy, now Digham home..What a great little guy!! He is such a smart boy—we enjoy going for walks, play time, eating (of course), daily car rides, visiting Diggy’s pals at the local pet store and showing off all of his talents! He is so sweet, Dig loves everyone and everyone loves Dig. I have certainly taught him, and brought him along but I have definitely learned from Digham as well!! I’m sure we have a lot of adventures in front of us, and Digham, I’m glad they will be with you!!


I adopted Zoie from the Michigan Pug Rescue in June of 2005. I am sure that every pug owner feels this way, but I am certain that Zoie is one of the absolute best dogs in the world! She has been my constant companion and sidekick since the day I brought her home. Zo (or “Biggie” as we like to call her) has been with me through a lot since 2005….attending the Police Academy, buying my first house, working full time as an Officer while getting a Master’s Degree, and now planning my wedding! She is a neighborhood and family favorite….my Dad tries to keep her every time I take her home to Ludington, MI. In March of 2010 we added another pug (Mylie) to our family. Zo was a little hesitant about this newcomer at first, but now they are the best of friends – sometimes even sleeping in the same little dog bed. Having a pug (and now two) in my life has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever received…I know pug people understand this feeling! I tell Zoie all the time that I am going to find the Fountain of Youth and dip her in it so I can keep her forever and forever. I cannot imagine my life without her! Thank you Pug Rescue for bringing her into my life!!

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