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I adopted Zoie from the Michigan Pug Rescue in June of 2005. I am sure that every pug owner feels this way, but I am certain that Zoie is one of the absolute best dogs in the world! She has been my constant companion and sidekick since the day I brought her home. Zo (or “Biggie” as we like to call her) has been with me through a lot since 2005….attending the Police Academy, buying my first house, working full time as an Officer while getting a Master’s Degree, and now planning my wedding! She is a neighborhood and family favorite….my Dad tries to keep her every time I take her home to Ludington, MI. In March of 2010 we added another pug (Mylie) to our family. Zo was a little hesitant about this newcomer at first, but now they are the best of friends – sometimes even sleeping in the same little dog bed. Having a pug (and now two) in my life has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever received…I know pug people understand this feeling! I tell Zoie all the time that I am going to find the Fountain of Youth and dip her in it so I can keep her forever and forever. I cannot imagine my life without her! Thank you Pug Rescue for bringing her into my life!!

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